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Pioneering Sustainability with Green Tea in Winemaking

In the pristine landscapes of New Zealand, Loveblock Wines stands as a beacon of innovation, rewriting the script of traditional winemaking. Breaking new ground, Loveblock has earned the distinction of being the first winery in the world to use green tea tannin extract as a substitute for sulfur, a common preservative in winemaking. This revolutionary approach not only sets a new standard for sustainable practices but also introduces a novel and exciting element to the art of winemaking.

Sustainability has become a cornerstone for progressive wineries around the globe, and Loveblock Winery, nestled in the beautiful region of Marlborough and Central Otago, is at the forefront of this movement. Recognizing the environmental impact of conventional winemaking practices, Loveblock has committed to exploring alternative methods that prioritize the health of the land and the quality of the final product.

Traditionally, sulfur dioxide has been widely used in winemaking as a preservative, preventing oxidation and ensuring the stability of the wine. However, concerns about its environmental impact and potential health effects have prompted winemakers to seek alternatives. Loveblock, under the guidance of founders Erica and Kim Crawford, turned to green tea as a natural and sustainable substitute.

The Benefits of Green Tea Tannin in Winemaking

Antioxidant Properties:

  • Green tea is rich in antiodixants, which can help prevent oxidation in wine, serving a similar purpose to sulfur dioxide.

Natural Preservation:

  • The polyphenols in green tea act as natural preservatives, maintaining the freshness and longevity of the wine.

Reduced Environmental Impact:

  • Choosing green tea tannin extract over sulfur aligns with Loveblock's commitment to sustainable practices, reducint the winery's overall environmental footprint.

The Winemaking Process at Loveblock

Loveblock Winery integrates green tea tannin into its winemaking process with precision and care. The green tea tannin, full of antioxidants, is introduced at a specific stage, to provide powerful protection against oxidation and spoilage. The result is a range of wines that not only adhere to the highest quality standards but also reflect the winery's dedication to environmental stewardship.

Loveblock 'tee' No-Sulphur-Added Organic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

The introduction of green tea tannin into Loveblock's winemaking process has given birth to a remarkable wine carrying the essence of innovation and sustainability.

  • The palate is elegant, with juicy mandarin, earthy cumin, sweet basil and ripe yellow star fruit (carambola). Layered and textured, the wine is clean and fresh with flavours of ripe pineapple and a mild tannin note sitting over a layer of umami.

Loveblock Winery's pioneering use of green tea tannin as a replacement for sulfur in winemaking is a testament to the power of innovation and commitment to sustainability in the world of viticulture. By marrying tradition with forward-thinking practices, Loveblock has not only produced exceptional wines but has also set a precedent for eco-conscious winemaking. As other wineries take note of this groundbreaking approach, the marriage of green tea and wine may very well become a hallmark of a new era in the industry—one that embraces both the richness of the past and the promise of a sustainable future.

*This article is NOT sponsored. We just love tea, wine, New Zealand, sustainabilty, and the blending of all these things.

*This article was written with the permission of, and fact-checked, by Loveblock Wines.


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