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Unveiling the Mystery of Duck Sh*t Tea (Ya Shi Xiang Oolong)

a duck swims in water

Tea enthusiasts are familiar with a vast array of unique and intriguing names assigned to different varieties of tea. One such tea that might raise eyebrows due to its unusual name is "Duck Shit Tea," known in Chinese as "Ya Shi Xiang." Despite the eyebrow-raising translation, this oolong tea has gained popularity for its exceptional flavors and aromatic profile. Let's unravel the mystery behind its name and venture into the intriguing world of Duck Shit Tea.

Duck Shit Tea hails from the Phoenix Mountain region in Guangdong Province, China. Its Chinese name, "Ya Shi Xiang," is a literal translation that may cause some confusion. The name has no connection to ducks or their waste; rather, it is a linguistic quirk that might have lost some nuances in translation.

The tea is derived from a unique cultivar of the tea plant known for its distinct aroma and flavor. The leaves of this cultivar produce a tea with a robust and complex profile, making Duck Shit Tea a sought-after choice among oolong aficionados.

The tea leaves of Duck Shit Tea undergo a meticulous process of harvesting, withering, oxidation, and roasting to achieve its distinctive characteristics. The flavor is often described as floral, with notes of orchid, honey, and stone fruit. There's a pleasant sweetness that lingers on the palate, making it a delightful and memorable tea-drinking experience.

The unique aroma is equally captivating, reminiscent of gardenia flowers and ripe fruit. This combination of floral and fruity notes sets Duck Shit Tea apart from other oolongs, earning it a special place in the hearts of tea connoisseurs.

Beyond its peculiar name, Duck Shit Tea holds cultural significance in the region where it is produced. The tea has become a symbol of local craftsmanship and the dedication of tea farmers to produce high-quality, distinctive teas. As with many other traditional teas, the cultivation and processing of Duck Shit Tea involve time-honored methods passed down through generations.

In conclusion, while the name might raise eyebrows and spark curiosity, Duck Shit Tea, or Ya Shi Xiang, is a testament to the rich diversity of teas that the world has to offer. Its unique flavor profile and captivating aroma showcase the artistry and skill of tea producers in the Phoenix Mountain region. So, the next time you come across Duck Shit Tea, don't be deterred by the name instead, embrace the opportunity to savour a tea that stands out for all the right reasons in the world of oolongs.


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