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an open book sits next to a white teacup and saucer the teacup is full of tea

Shopping sustainably, avoiding plastic and supporting small businesses are only some of the ways my family and I contribute to a better world. 


Through tea I've been able to explore the world of herbs, flowers, spices and other plants. Learning how each one has its own power to soothe the body, energize the mind or calm the soul.


I earned my Master Herbalist Diploma in 2021 and I'm always seeking to learn everything I can about the many weird and wonderful advantages of herbs. 


My strong passion for tea, combined with my belief in herbal medicine, has bloomed into an amazing world of blending and mixing my own teas and herbs. My family and I have enjoyed my blends so much that after many years of creating them I'm happy to finally share them with you!

From my family to you, thank you for supporting small!

a selfie of the company owner, Tianna, on Mount Boise in Idaho surrounded by snow

My name is Tianna and I'm the creative mind behind Wild Heart Tea.

Growing up on the west coast of Canada has been a magical experience for me. Living on a small island, surrounded by dense forests and the vast ocean only minutes from my home has led me to believe that every action we take in life should leave a positive mark on the Earth.

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